“Blame Us, Make It Our Fault”

ITL’s Service Desk offers our Clients 24 hours x 7 day’s technical assistance Nationwide with a single point of contact.
Here, Faults, Incidents and Jobs (Moves Adds and Changes) are logged and actioned accordingly. Service Level Agreements document expectations around the logging process, response times, client update requirements, sign off process and reporting.


All Faults, Incidents and Jobs (Moves Adds and Changes) is either phoned or e-mailed to our Service Desk with an identification number and an immediate response from us acknowledges receipt and confirms action / response time.

Our Team looks after the greater Auckland and Waikato areas and we utilise our partner network for the rest of the country.
This enables us to access and employ a strong nationwide team of partners resulting in a flexible experienced workforce. After hours, short notice, accuracy and best efforts are required attributes with an insistence on completing all documentation.

Our partner network enables us to be able to schedule work nationally to meet your requirements. It also enables simultaneous work to be carried out across the country.