“Its not your core Business but it is the core of your Business”.

A Data centre is where organisations keep and operate the ICT infrastructure that supports their business. This comprises of servers and storage equipment that run application software, process and store data and content.

ITL Technologies understands that for some business’s this might be a simple cage or rack of equipment, for others it could be a room housing a few or many cabinets.We have a proven track record and are very experienced in delivering on all of your Data Centre requirements.


The following points demonstrate some of the key considerations that need to be worked through when implementing Data centres, be that a main Communications room in your building or site, or at an offsite location.

  • Data centres can be in-house, located in a company’s own facility, containerised, or outsourced with equipment being co-located at a third-party site. Outsourcing does not necessarily mean relinquishing control of your equipment – it can be as simple as finding the right place to house that equipment.
  • The Uptime Institute have produced standards and categorise data centres into four tiers. This is based on a design which gives a measurable availability. At one end of the spectrum is Tier 1. This is composed of a single path for power and cooling distribution, without redundant components, providing 99.671% availability.While at the other end is Tier 4. This is composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, has redundant components, and is fault tolerant, providing 99.995% availability.
  • Data centres will typically have a raised floor with cabling ducts overhead or underneath. These pathways feed the infrastructure requirements that connect the cabinets together, for both Data and Power.
  • The environment is controlled in terms of areas such as temperature & humidity.Facilities will generally include power supplies, backup power, chillers, cabling, fire and water detection systems and security controls.

No matter what your current or proposed Data centre preferences may be, ITL offer a complete “end to end” Data centre solution for your Business.

We then work with you through the

Initial Audit of your current environment and equipment

Assisting with your Business case and R.O.I

Concept Development and Design

Build and Deploy




See our Data Centre Management section for ITL’s DCM solution.