Eden Park – Auckland

The project required a high-end future ready communications infrastructure system to be installed to allow for Computer integration, IP telephony, Wireless, Security, Turnstiles, Point of Sale, TV’s as well as the on-site big screens.

To meet the needs of the project, we installed a Tyco Category 7a Shielded Cabling System, OM3 and Singlemode Fibre Optic Backbone systems linking the main server room to satellite cabinets and the existing North (formally ASB), West and East stands.

The project also included the installation of the Outside Broadcast Cabling which required Fibre, Audio and Power to be run from under one stand around to multiple locations within the new stand, for TV camera connectivity.

As part of the project we installed Wireless Access Points at various vantage points within the stadium, which meant custom designing steel mounting systems for each access point location and in many instances working at height.

Due to the complex nature of the project, pathways and the siting of the outlets had to be often designed and built as the project progressed. Custom manufactured components such as stainless steel cabinets and termination boxes were also required for this complex installation.

The Tyco Category 7a shielded system installed utilised specialist category 7a Terra connectors which allows individual pair patching, meaning each outlet could connect up to Four devices if necessary.

Utilising a shielded system reduces the chances of interference from outside sources, thus helping the performance characteristics of the cabling system.

As this was a first of it’s kind installation in New Zealand, ITL Technologies implemented specialist training in the installation of the system.