Watercare’s Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Customer’s Requirement

Watercare is a council organisation, wholly owned by the Auckland Council. It provides water and wastewater services to around 1.3 million people in the Auckland region.

Recently Watercare relocated its head office from 2 Nuffield St, Newmarket to a new building at 73 Remuera Rd, Newmarket. Staff from two other Watercare sites have also been located in the new building. This has meant that space within the building is at a premium, hence a key objective for Watercare was ensuring they had a cabling solution that permited maximum flexibility in the future.

  • Lack of space means future flexibility is a key objective
  • Watercare looked to appoint a single vendor to provide their Data Cabling requirements for these areas
  • The building programme had a tight timetable, and a key factor in selecting a successful vendor was to be the ability to meet the building programme dates
  • Watercare was seeking proposals from firms who are solidly backed, have the operational capability to complete this work in a compressed timeframe, and carry out the work in line with Certified standards

The Customer’s Solution

ITL proposed a Krone Category 6A Unshielded Solution for Watercare’s new premises at 73 Remuera Road Auckland.

The solution was configured so that the structured cabling feeding the environment goes via Consolidation Points located in the ceiling space.


One of the key benefits for Watercare of this type of configuration, is that it allows for an easy way to deploy cost effective moves, adds and changes of Workstations in the future. This is as a result of the fact there is no requirement to install additional cabling back to the Communications Room.

ITL have implemented many projects using the Krone Cat6A/6 Unshielded Solution in this configuration.

Some of the Key Benefits of the Krone Solution include;

  • Design  elements  that  minimise  alien  crosstalk and  insertion  loss
  • Oblique  elliptical  offset  filler  in  the cable to better enable 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission over twisted pair cabling
  • Patch panels are engineered with polymers for the sockets and composite frame which reduces alien crosstalk between connectors
  • 500 MHz LSA-PLUS silver plated 45deg angled contacts

The Customer’s Outcome

Cabling Support

  • Installation of compliant cable support where not provided by others. We assume the Electrical contractor is to provide cable tray as per Specification All IT Cables will be attached to the cable support using Velcro Wrap as per the Suppliers Certification requirements

 Horizontal Cabling

  • Installation of Horizontal cables from the FD’s to the TO’s. The cable we propose is TE Krone Cat 6A. This is compliant with the requirements of the Specification/RFP

Consolidation Points(CP)

  • Installation of 25 Way IDC Consolidation Points with spare capacity as requested


  • Installation of 6 Way KRONE Muto’s. The method for securing these will be finalised in consultation with the client. Options are to secure them to the underside of the desk with fly leads being cabled from the MUTO to the Relevant Desk or mounting these MUTO’s on a Mounting Plate

Cable Droppers

  • Installation of Dual Compartment Cable Droppers for Power and IT Cabling

Wireless Access Points

  • Installation of WAPS as specified

Cabinet and Accessories

  • Installation of 13x Cabinets as per the Specification. These Cabinets will be Bayed together and earthed as per the specification


  • Installation of 6mm Earth Wire from BD on Basement Floor to the TD on L3 and 4mm Earth Wire to be installed from the TD to Each FD. This earth cable will run on the Electrical Cable Support provided by the Electrical Contractor


  • All ICT cables installed by ITL, will be clearly labelled for easy identification with a permanent wrap around label. Patch Panels will be labelled in accordance with the Specification. These will be identified with a label showing the FD from which they originate.

Documentation CAD / Asbuilts

  • Once the Shop Drawings are completed and signed off by the Consultant/Client, they will be used by the onsite Team as “Construction Issue” Drawings. ITL will produce OM / Asbuilt,Manuals “neatly bound in, durable hard backed, permanently labelled vinyl covers”

Testing Commissioning/ Witness Testing

ITL will Fully test and commission the Structured Cabling Distribution System prior to practical completion.This will include as a minimum, but not be limited to, the following;

  • A comprehensive test sheet shall be submitted listing all commissioning test items to be done prior to tests being carried out
  • All compliance tests shall be carried out to comply with AS/NZ 3080
  • Check the installation to ensure compliance with the contract documents
  • Check all labelling
  • Check and test the performance of all ‘basic links’
  • Test from all FD’s to all TO’s
  • Provide written test result schedules of all commissioning tests and checks carried out.
  • Individual test results for each ‘basic link’ will be provided
  • For the ‘basic link tests only a ‘Pass’ will be acceptable. If the tester returns either a ‘pass*’, ‘fail*’ or ‘fail’ the fault shall be rectified until a ‘pass’ is recorded.
  • Provide the Engineer with 5 working days notice of final system tests so that witness of such tests can be made