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Paul Cheetham, Founder
ITL Technologies Ltd

In 1986, Paul Cheetham set up his own telephone and computer cabling company. This was based on having close-knit staff in a sociable atmosphere, while delivering the highest customer service.

Paul’s attitude to the culture he wanted to create within the business has carried through, and has ensured that even with change, the type of company culture that Paul envisioned is still a reality today.

Over the years ITL Technologies has evolved into a highly successful business, and has become one of New Zealand’s oldest infrastructure specialist companies. ITL now employs 43 full time staff plus many exclusive contractors.

“ITL is a family business and although there has to be lines of authority, the company has an open door policy where anyone is able to talk to anyone. I always believed in gathering people around me who had the strengths that I didn’t. It is hard to get good people, so once you’ve got them the key is to empower them to succeed. This is a company where once you’re in, we try and help you stay in” – Paul Cheetham, Founder

At ITL we believe that our experience as structured & data cabling specialists in the information technology industry is the key differentiator for our clients

  • With over 25 year’s experience in structured & dada cabling as a privately owned communications company
  • In excess of 150 years communications experience held by the Management Team
  • Three members of staff are past Telecom employees each with at least 20 years’ experience
  • More than 10 staff have been with ITL for 10 years or more and passing their knowledge and experience onto new recruits

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Management Team

Brett Cheetham

Managing Director

Brett worked in a technician role for 12 years, both as a PABX engineer as well as on infrastructure network projects, prior to moving to London. He gained experience as a product and project manager at a large multi-national company while in London which has helped him since his return. Since 2002, he has spent time as an account manager, a project manager, the operations manager, then in 2010 he was made General Manager. Brett completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business in 2008, which has helped him in the General Manager role, and which will bring further enhancements to the business as the Managing Director. Brett has extensive experience in the field of both data and voice; he has managed large projects from the design process through pricing and project management. Brett is a certified TE and Systimax designer and is also an Allied Telesis and a D-Link Certified Systems Engineer.

Jacque Lieshout

Financial Controller

Jacque has worked within the Telecommunications industry for over 18-years. She has a business degree in accounting and management and has gained extensive experience within these fields. This experience includes managing the daily operations of the company with specific emphasis on finance, administration and human resources. Organisational, management, communication and decision-making skills are Jacque’s key attributes. Compliance documentation and company procedures, including practical implementation, are on going projects initiated and maintained by Jacque. She forms a direct relationship with clients ensuring accurate and timely processing of paperwork. Jacque also has experience within the chartered accountancy, cosmetic, olive and wine industries.

Denny Reddy

Service Delivery Manager

Denny has vast experience running a service team while in South Africa, and brings this experience into his role as the ITL Service Delivery Manager. His passion for customer service is unrivalled, and shares this with his team to ensure our service team are delivering for our clients. Denny has over 20-years experience in the Telecommunications industry including his time in South Africa. Denny , prior to becoming the Service Delivery Manager, was a PABX specialist delivering LG Ericsson systems and providing support to our vast client base. He has also gained experience in the field of infrastructure network cabling and voice installations. Denny is a certified TE AMP Installer.