“It is All About You, Accessing Your Secure Information Anywhere, Anytime”

The goal of Documentation Management is to ensure:

  • Documents fulfil a useful purpose.
  • Resources are not wasted on distribution of non-essential information.
  • Only valid information is available.
  • Information is kept up-to-date.
  • Information is in a form that can be used by relevant people.
  • Classified information is restricted to the people who have a need and are approved to use it.
  • Information is retained that could help investigate a problem, improve opportunities, or deflect potential litigation.

In conjunction with our Clients, we have developed three options to achieve this documentation goal.

  1. When work is done on your site, a Hard Copy of all the Documentation and Information is created and delivered to you on completion of your work
  2. When work is done on your site, the Documentation and Information, is stored online. You are given a unique prearranged username and password to access the information, via our Client portal on ITL’s Web Site.
  3. A combination of points 1 and 2 above. This is where all information is available online however there is also a requirement for some hard copy at the your premises. This is supplied by us whenever any changes are made

Making these options happen for our clients is our in-house Documentation Controller. They are responsible for all initial draft plans, final plans, cabinet layouts, test results, warranty applications and the collating of these into Operation and Maintenance manuals and As-built documentation including plans.

Auto-CAD is the main program utilised for the plans. The typical types of detail they show include, cable pathways, cable tray, catenaries, outlet positions and numbering, along with site plans showing backbone type and routes. Detail of equipment contained within and the layout of all cabinets is also provided.

In Summary, we work with you to develop the most appropriate Document Management Solution for your business. This not only ensures that you have readily available access to accurate information, but it can also provide a backup of your data in an emergency. This is a direct benefit of the data being stored off your site.