Mercury Energy

Staying connected to the outside world is of paramount importance to any business. Knowing your communications system is up to the task goes a long way to reducing undue stress.

For the fit-out of the Mercury Energy offices, ITL Technologies was tasked with designing a data communications infrastructure that would adhere to several key conditions, says business development manager Edward du Plessis.

“Our brief was to supply a communications solution that could be run under a raised floor, was standards compliant, cost effective and reduced ongoing costs to the business. The system also had to accommodate both VoIP and digital phones, and allow for changes to be made as quickly and simply as possible.”

As the client had a tight time frame for installation and a requirement for dual ports, ITL Technologies specified the MRJ21 cable system.

“This system provides 6 or 12 communications ports at each terminal point, and is usually used in a data centre environment. However its adaptability and the fact that we were working with a raised floor meant it was also suitable for this project,” du Plessis says.

“The cables were installed in half the time of a traditional communications system. This was a result of ITL Technologies being involved from the design phase. This allowed us to use our expertise from concept through to cost analysis and ultimate installation.”