“You don’t know what you don’t know”

ITL Technologies believe that our Clients having accurate, up to date, real time data and information regarding their Network Infrastructure is of paramount importance totheir Business. In order to achieve this, ITL will work with you to develop and then undertake an Audit, based on your business’s requirements.


ITL works with their Clients to develop an Audit proposal. The proposal covers the following main points.

Documents why an Audit is necessary.

Scope of Work
Defines what is going to be audited.

Type of Audit
From our experience there appears to be 3 phases to the total Audit process. A proposal can include just one or all phases. This will depend on your specific requirements.

  1. Audit Existing Equipment. Physical Audit and documentation of all existing Equipment (What is actually there).
  2. Capacity. (How much does it weigh and use). Capacity calculation of equipment that is migrating. This will include indicative weight and power usage.
  3. Audit Connectivity. (What is connected to what).Physical Audit of the Connectivity of all equipment being audited.

ITL will schedule the timings of the audits to fit in with your specific business policies around security and maintenance windows.

Prior to the Audit we check to ensure that all moves,adds and changes associated with the equipment being audited can be tracked and recorded by our auditing team.

During the course of the Audit we record all information in excel spreadsheets with content and format as agreed with you prior to commencement. This information is also used to create cabinet / rack layout diagrams for your records.