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Why do  companies need an Occupational Health and Safety plan?news_security

The object of the health and safety in employment Act 1992 s to promote the prevention of harm to all people at work, and other in, or in the vicinity of, places of work.

The Act applies to all New Zealand workplaces and places duties on employers, the self-employed, employees, principals and others who are in a position to manage or control hazards.

The emphasis of the law is on the systematic management of health and safety at work…

Stay compliant with ITL security and surveillance…

We as business people need to create a safer workplace environment.
By working with ITL and Identifying risk, removing danger (if possible)
and managing and monitoring the area you can cover yourself by:

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  • Reducing risk
  • Lowering costs both physically  to staff and the business in loss of time and revenue
  • Helping to Reduce ACC costs
  • Improving productivity through systemisation and process
  • Reducing compliance costs
  • Managing staff hazards and monitor them through CCTV
  • Utilizing the information for training and HR referencing
  • Using technology to stay compliant with all parts of the HSE act