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Why choose ITL Technologies for your Data Cabling and Structured Cabling Requirements??


ITL Technologies partner with and supply products from many of the world’s leading cable manufacturers. We are not bound by a particular technology or brand. Quite simply we design solutions that are 100% tailored for our customers.

For over 30 years, ITL Technologies has operated with a very clear set of principles in mind…. We will provide outstanding outcomes to our clients by providing the very best technical resource combined with the best products.

Our customers include large tertiary institutions, banks, construction companies and retailers.

ITL Technologies also work with SME clients who need a responsive and flexible cabling partner who can get things done efficiently and cost effectively.

In addition to a full design service we also offer industry leading Project Management ensuring that your project runs smoothly and is done on time and within budget.

Customers regularly tell us that they prefer to work with ITL because we get it right first time.

If you want to experience the best in customer service and world class technology all delivered by some of the best people in the industry talk to us now at ITL Technologies.


ITL Technologies are constantly evaluating new and emerging technologies with a view to providing solutions that improve business productivity or generate cost savings for our customers.

GPON technology generates enormous value to businesses without the need to change core or user devices.

What is GPON: knowledgeable

GPON is a layer 2 transport medium built with Passive Optical Network (PON) technology that provides converged video, data, wireless access and voice services at gigabit speeds over a single strand of fibre.

Benefits: Businesses deploying GPON technology are making savings on capital costs and ongoing operational costs by aggregating data, voice, security & surveillance, additionally energy costs and rack space requirements can be decreased through the adoption of GPON technology.

GPON implementation enables organisations to reduce infrastructure investment from the data centre to the end user by significantly reducing the number of cable runs. The overall result is dramatic decrease in costs and network complexity.

Typically, it has been shown that implementation of GPON technology extends by 10 years the standard network lifecycle.

A further major benefit of GPON technology is a dramatic decrease in rack and floor space and the associated operationg expenses. A typical Active Ethernet LAN serving up to 2000 users requires 90 rack units of space. Active Ethernet LAN switches require one full rack for the switches and 2 additional racks for terminating the large bundles of copper cables associated with the switches. Comparatively a GPON solution could serve 7000 users with only one equipment rack and a total of 9 rack units within the rack.

ITL Technologies has extensive knowledge and expertise around GPON and has established local partnerships with global leaders in this field. If you would like to learn more about this exciting technology and how it could benefit your business, please contact us here at ITL. We have also provided a link to a very informative Whiter Paper prepared by the Association for Passive Optical

ITL Technologies is currently working on a number of significant projects and deployments for businesses, tertiary institutions and government organisations around New Zealand.

If your business or organisation wants to work with an industry leader, who is focused on service excellence, and can count among its staff some of the very best, ITL Technologies is ready to help;


Key services include:

  • Wireless
  • Structured Cabling
  • Telephony (including Cloud Based)

Technological advancements in the world of Fibre optics are opening up new options when an organisation is considering deployment of devices in locations where access to power is difficult.

With devices such as security cameras, Wi-Fi access points and other network access resources becoming increasingly ubiquitous, deployment of these devices can be challenging, particularly in large campus style locations, stadiums and outdoors.

Many devices have PoE capability but network design can be problematic due to issues such as distance constraints and power availability. Powering devices in these challenging locations is now simplified due to advancements with Powered Fibre technology. New fibre cable technology can deliver Power over Ethernet at distances of up to 30 times greater than CAT cable systems.

With Powered Fibre, a “rack to device” power solution is now possible.

Some benefits of Powered Fibre are as follows;

  • Allows network planning that places devices in optimal positions, not only where power supply permits
  • Multiple devices from a single power source can be powered
  • Planning is expedited as DC voltage drop issues are reduced or eliminated
  • Eliminates need for local /device specific power sources


For further information please also click on the following link which will take you to a video produced by CommScope, one of our strategic business partners and suppliers.


ITL Technologies has developed significant expertise and experience in delivering Powered Fibre solutions. We have already delivered solutions to a number of customers to meet their site specific network challenges.

Should you wish to discuss how you can power up your business please contact us and one of our experts will be delighted to discuss in more detail.

ITL Technologies is currently installing and deploying the cabling infrastructure, including structured data cabling and audio-visual systems, for the new SKYCITY Convention Centre, set to become the largest in New Zealand and scheduled for completion by the end of 2024.

ITL Technologies were selected on the basis of proven capabilities and expertise in major project deployment. The choice of ITL Technologies to manage and deploy the cable fit-out for the Convention Centre further reinforces the position that ITL Technologies occupies as the leading supplier of structured data cabling solutions to businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand.

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It is always pleasing to hear that we have exceeded your expectations and we appreciate feedback to understand what we can do better next time.

One of our core values is Success –  the best outcomes for clients which drives individual, team and company success, to achieve this we take all feedback on board and implement any practical changes for improvement.

Please download our CLIENT FEEDBACK QUESTIONAIRE and we thank you in advance for taking your time in providing this valuable information.

Our CCTV demo center is now setup and complete for our clients, and prospective clients, to utilise. We offer real time demonstrations on the following:

  • IP Camera
  • Hikvision NVR
  • Milestone Software
  • Cabling Solutions

We have a live environment with real time Camera’s set up  running through our 50 inch LCD.

Please book a time with our Security Business Manager, Josh King 021 0377377,  to take you through the different demo options


Install a New Alarm System
Get bids from top-rated alarm installation professionals

Implementing a CCTV system in your home or building offers many benefits. A CCTV system provides audio/video surveillance and can even capture footage of burglars in the act of unlawfully entering your home/office. CCTV systems can also give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums and are great for deterring criminals from entering your building. Whether it is the final addition or the first component of a complete security suite, CCTV systems are integral to your safety.

  1. Capturing footage of burglars: CCTV systems can capture images and audio of attempted robberies to aid the authorities in locating and apprehending the burglar.
  2. Discount on insurance premiums: Many insurance companies give you a discount on your homeowner’s or business insurance premiums if you have a security system installed.
  3. Visible equipment deters break-ins: CCTV systems can have visible equipment. If a prospective burglar sees visible security equipment, he or she is more likely to move on to the next target.
  4. Window decals: CCTV systems and alarm monitoring companies provide vinyl window decals that allow everyone to see that your site is under the protection of a video surveillance system and a monitored alarm.
  5. Remote monitoring: You can monitor your CCTV system remotely over the Internet, which allows you to watch your home/business and property while you are away.
  6. Integrates with current security system: If you have an existing security system, adding CCTV to it is a trivial matter. You could do it yourself but we recommend for a reliable solution hire a professional business security expert to implement your improved security solution.
  7. Easily implemented: It does not matter which kind of security solutions you currently use, as CCTV is always an improvement if you do not have video or audio surveillance. CCTV can easily integrate with any system, even if you have an alarm monitoring company monitoring your alarm.
  8. Gives you peace of mind: The added protection and deterrence factors of a CCTV system can give you peace of mind and allow you to rest more easily knowing your building and assets are safe.
  9. Protects both inside and outside: A CCTV system can easily protect both the inside and outside of your building, increasing your security and the safety of your family.

10. Low cost with high security: Compared to the potential cost of a burglar entering your home or building, the cost of installing a CCTV system, especially if implemented with a full security suite, is very reasonable.

Integrating CCTV with your current security solution or as a standalone measure is an excellent idea and can end up saving you money. You can use CCTV systems to provide 24-hour coverage for your entire area, and when combined with other security measures, CCTV make a nearly impenetrable site to ensure your safety. For more information on CCTV systems, contact us today.

ITL helping keep you compliant!

Why do  companies need an Occupational Health and Safety plan?news_security

The object of the health and safety in employment Act 1992 s to promote the prevention of harm to all people at work, and other in, or in the vicinity of, places of work.

The Act applies to all New Zealand workplaces and places duties on employers, the self-employed, employees, principals and others who are in a position to manage or control hazards.

The emphasis of the law is on the systematic management of health and safety at work…

Stay compliant with ITL security and surveillance…

We as business people need to create a safer workplace environment.
By working with ITL and Identifying risk, removing danger (if possible)
and managing and monitoring the area you can cover yourself by:

Security Pictures

  • Reducing risk
  • Lowering costs both physically  to staff and the business in loss of time and revenue
  • Helping to Reduce ACC costs
  • Improving productivity through systemisation and process
  • Reducing compliance costs
  • Managing staff hazards and monitor them through CCTV
  • Utilizing the information for training and HR referencing
  • Using technology to stay compliant with all parts of the HSE act